All you need to know about Netgear router firmware upgrade

28 Jun

Netgear is a world leader in networking devices. The company produces varieties of an exceptional wireless router that have gained a lot of popularity in the recent time. Netgear is an organisation that has dedicated itself for producing unmatched networking hardware. Talking about the wireless router, Netgear always consolidates their product line with top-notch hardware. The overall performance of the router does not only depend on the hardware. It's the firmware which actually streamlines the performance of the networking device. And it is also important to update the firmware on a regular basis to get the best out of your device. If you have any problem in updating the firmware of your device, feel free to contact Netgear Router Support team today. 

All you need to know about Netgear router firmware upgrade

Steps to find the new firmware and update your router 

Set up connectivity between your router and system through an Ethernet cable to update the firmware.

Open the web browser on your system and type the address bar.

Once you land on the router login window, enter your account details in the given field.

Now go through the following option in the given order: ADVANCED > Administration> Firmware Update.

Click Check and router will initiate the firmware searching process.

If new firmware prompts on the screen, click Yes.

Why do you need to update your router firmware? 

Well, to be frank, updating the router can fix the vulnerabilities and even close the security holes. Netgear always comes with the regular security patches to enhance the performance of the device. Upgrading the firmware also helps deal with the security issue. The old-school networking device is less likely to have updates, thus deal with more vulnerability. Meanwhile, the modern-day router has better security protocols and gets regular security patches. There are still many users who underestimate the importance of firmware upgrade. In the absence of the latest security patches, the router becomes more susceptible to hacking and performance venerabilities. So in order to keep your device abreast of technical setbacks, you must visit the OEM website and look for the latest firmware.

The steps we mentioned above is fairly straightforward and quite easy to avail. To get further assistance, you can also get in touch with Netgear Live Chat experts today. Netgear support is a prominent platform for the help seekers who want to avail quality support on router problem. Here are a few highlights of our services.

Round the clock accessibility of the certified technicians.

Quality support on all sort of router issues

Router issues fixed via the voice call, email, and instant chat option.

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